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About Village Farm...


Village Farm started in 2015.  Our family purchased the land and began to clean it up after the property had experienced a period of neglect.  Moving here from the west coast we missed the abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables that were available to us previously and sought to provide this for our family and our local community. 

Tropical Leaves


Our vision was initially to grow fruits and vegetables to eat at home and to share locally but as we tried new things and found that we could grow so much more than we anticipated the scope of our vision grew as well.  We expanded our products to include flowers, jam and decorative pumpkins which have all been enthusiastically recieved. 

What now...

Every year we take a hard look at some of our products and processes and plan to try some new things to keep our options fresh and interesting.  Stay tuned about what is next by signing up for our emails.  And THANK YOU for your support of our small family farm.

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